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Columbia Title Fee Schedules - Conforming Refinancing

Rate Schedule as of November 23, 2011

Closing Fee in Office $ 175
Closing Fee Out of Office $ 250
Closing Fee (for simultaneous 2nd Mortgage or Line of Credit) $ 100
Title Exam $ 150
Binder Fee $ 50
Deed Preparation (if a Deed is necessary) $ 50
Recording Fee $28 for first 2 pages, then $8 for each additional page
Recording for Release of Mortgage $32 (assuming 2 pages and reference info)
EPA Endorsement $ 75
Survey Coverage $ 50
Title Insurance See Below


A loan policy shall be issued for the full principal debt or such other amount as agreed upon between the Company and the proposed insured based upon the value the proposed insured has allocated to the land in good faith under normally accepted lending practices. A policy may be issued for an amount in excess of the principal debt to cover interest, foreclosure costs, etc.

Unless expressly stipulated to the contrary by endorsement to the policy, liability under a loan policy expires with the payment of the satisfaction of the mortgage described in the policy, except when satisfied by foreclosure or other lawful means of acquiring title in settlement of the mortgage debt. A new mortgage given to renew an old mortgage debt, whether or not originally covered by insurance, is a new transaction, creating new liability, and if insured, carries the original mortgage rate, unless it falls within the classification of "Reissue Title Insurance Rate for Loan Policies," or " Title Insurance Rate for Loan Policies or Refinance Loans."

The following rates for original mortgage insurance applies to the complete ALTA Form, the ALTA Short Form Residential Loan Policy or the Master Loan Policy, regardless of whether the policy covers a first mortgage, or a mortgage other than a first mortgage:

Per Thousand or any fraction thereof:
Up to $150,000 of liability written $ 4.00/$1,000
Over $150,000 and up to $250,000 $ 3.25/$1,000
Over $250,000 and up to $500,000 $ 2.50/$1,000
Over $500,000 and up to $10,000,000 $ 2.25/$1,000
Over $10,000,000 $ 2.00/$1,000
Minimum Charge $ 125.00

Reissue rates available upon request

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